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EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian crisis

Key monitoring tools

We have built the EUTF Strategic Outcome Framework to keep an accurate track record of the outputs and outcomes of all the EUTF-funded projects and assess their effective results against 37 Progress Indicators identified to measure impact in 3 categories: access to services; local capacity strengthening; improvement of local infrastructure.

The EUTF projects are also regularly monitored through the so called Results Oriented Monitoring system (ROM): the latest ROM summary review, covering the period until December 2023, is available here.

Thanks to a regular dialogue with the EUTF implementing partners, periodically we issue the Results Report, which measures the progress achieved by all the interventions and combines the figures in the form of an aggregated overview.

Sector-specific analysis

Sector-specific analysis are carried out to deepen our understanding of a particular sector. This enables the programme to capitalize on the achievements and the lessons learned likely to inform future interventions.