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EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian crisis

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Study & Career Opportunities Virtual Fair

The objective of the ‘STUDY & CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Virtual Fair’ is to connect higher education students and alumni, in particular refugees and vulnerable youth, from all majors and degrees across Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey with study, scholarship, volunteering, internship,

Trust Fund
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Empowering integration of Syrians in Türkiye

Brussels famous InfoPoints continue! And FAO was happy to join DG INTPA in organizing a hybrid Infopoint with participants on-site in Brussels and connected online from around the globe.


The EUTF Syria - Madad supports all those impacted by the Syrian crisis, namely Syrian refugees and their host communities, to get access to education, healthcare, water, sanitation and protection services as well as vocational training and job opportunities. It also contributes to more cohesive and inclusive societies, with a particular focus on the most vulnerable groups, including women, children and youth. In this section, you will hear from project beneficiaries about the real-life impact of the EUTF action.

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