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EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian crisis

The Love of Life… Again


A huge change has taken place in my life since I came here. I have learnt a lot. I feel competent at school today.

Mustafa Abdul-Hamid is 18. He comes from Gribasi, in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq but has been attending a special institute for the blind in Duhok for the past three years.

Before that, Mustafa lived in Mosul and struggled to get access to tailored education meeting his needs.

Mustafa describes how his life has changed ever since he was accepted at the Roohani Institute: “In Mosul, there weren’t many resources. I mean, they didn’t provide lessons properly. If it weren’t for this institute, I wouldn’t have learnt anything.”

The Awat buildings host specialised departments: the Roohani Institute for the visually-impaired like Mustafa, but also caters for the need of deaf, mental health and autistic children in Duhok.

Mustafa enjoys a wide range of topics, from science to sports, and has even started playing music at school parties.

“I personally like Science and English. In addition, I’ve been playing music for a little over a year and I have improved a lot,” he adds enthusiastically.

He concludes with gratitude: “I am very happy at this Institute. They have taught me how to protect myself from life’s unpleasantness. I have met people who have inspired the love of life in me again.”

The Awat project, that welcomes around 180 special need students, is part of the Trust Fund supported QUDRA project.