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EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian crisis

“I want to be a musician”


I have many dreams. I love music a lot and I wish I could become a guitarist. But playing requires a lot of practice.

Diana Yousef Hanoun, 19, from Syria, lives in the Berika camp, in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Her family wanted to rent a house but couldn’t, due to lack of papers. “We had problems. We had nothing, except for our Syrian IDs,” she says. They have been living in the Berika camp for the past four years.

After fleeing Syria, Diana was not able to continue her studies: “When I was in Syria I was a ninth grader. I got my preparatory certificate, but when I came here I could not go on with my studies. There is a difference in the academic system between Syria and Iraq.” She lost two years because of this.

She then started attending recreational activities within the context of the Trust Fund supported FURSA project and then became a volunteer. “When the organisation brought in a painter for a project, it was very fun. I had no experience in painting walls and I thought it was a male career.” Diana was able to express her creativity to the fullest: “In the future I can paint the walls of our house or do any other job in this field,” she explains enthusiastically.

In addition to cultivating her creative flair, Diana is learning English and is hoping to specialise in communications at university, but her dream is to become a musician: “Yes, I like theoretical studies but my dream is music.”

FURSA is implemented by Search for Common Ground, COSV, Un Ponte Per and NOVACT. It aims to improve social and economic inclusion of the youth both in refugee and host communities, by improving their access to livelihood opportunities, training and much more.