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EU Regional Trust Fund in Response to the Syrian crisis

Every human being has the right to learn


Kids who learn and get an education become valuable in this society. They serve others... It's a basic right, it's essential!

Mustafa is from Syria and now lives in Tripoli with his two children, Mhammad, three, and Maryam, five.

Maryam goes to kindergarten while Mhammad follows the activities promoted by the Back to the Future programme at the Al-Nejmeh centre in Tripoli, Lebanon. “My son could not be admitted to a state kindergarten, but I simply couldn’t let him stay at home for another year. He needed to mix with other children, learn things and feed his brain,” Mustafa explains. When he found out about the programme, he immediately registered his son.

Mustafa really cares about education and wants his children to be guaranteed this fundamental right. “We need to learn… people should learn whatever it is they want to become (doctors, engineers, lawyers, …) so they can serve themselves and other people. Humans should learn, that’s in their nature! Education and knowledge will help them in all aspects of life,” he explains.

Amongst other informal education activities, the Al-Nejmeh centre in Tripoli offers an early education programme that welcomes children between 3 and 5. Thanks to the Back to the Future project, implemented by AVSI, Terre des Hommes and War Child Holland, almost 70,000 Syrian refugee and local children in Jordan and Lebanon have access to education and protection.